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Recycling in Hong Kong

Recycling is the process of separating, collecting, and remanufacturing or converting used or waste products into new materials. Recycling is the process of breaking down and reusing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash.


Many communities and businesses make it easy to recycle by placing labeled containers in the open for public use or providing bins for home and business owners who have curbside pickup.


Separate your recycling
from compostable items.

All Recycling Stations, Recycling Stores and Recycling Spots in Hong Kong accept at least eight common types of recyclables, including paper, metals plastics, glass bottles, regulated electrical equipment, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes, and rechargeable batteries, etc.


Rinse out or clean items.

Do a quick clean to make sure there is no food left in containers before you take it to recycle. Any leftover food will contaminate the recycling process.


Don't bag it.

Store your recycling items in a reusable bag that you can easily carry to recycling spots and reuse each time you recycle.


Know your trash.

Some items are made of complex materials. Educate yourself on how to handle such items so you can discard of responsibly.

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