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Take Out Plastic is passionate about reducing, reusing and refusing plastic! We will do anything we can to protect the planet and help decrease plastic and unnecessary waste in Hong Kong's landfills. With fashion being a key contributor to growing landfills the idea popped up for us to run a clothing swap (or swop!).


Swapping helps reduce clothes and fabrics going to waste, it's an opportunity to extend the life of that garment. It is estimated that 4/10 Hongkongers have thrown clothes away after having only worn them once.


Such habits are key factors that contribute to the city’s growing levels of waste. *Facts from @thebillieupcycling.

Circle Back 22nd - 23rd Jan 2022 

Nothing is as sustainable as secondhand! Circle Back, was an all-weekend secondhand clothing swap and secondhand/sustainable clothing market brought to you by Take Out Plastic and No Thrillsss. Over 300 people participated in the swap, with more than 3000+ clothes exchanged.


The weekend was full of fun times with an epic fashion show and a panel to promote secondhand clothing in a circular economy. Circle Back was a huge success, and we hope to continue to run events like this to reduce the stigma of secondhand clothing and fabrics! 


Swop It, Don't Shop It - 29th Nov 2021 

Our first clothing swap went so well! With about 2000 items donated, 60 attendees and 15 volunteers it was an amazing night for Take Out Plastic.

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