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Get the low down on Take Out Plastic.

More Music, Less Plastic with Spin Sum HK


Take Out Plastic was there to support Spin Sum on their ' glow up' to Take Out Plastic! We both believe to effectively combat the "Plastic Bag Culture" Hong Kong needs to severely reduce its single-use plastic consumption. We see Take Out Plastic as an instrument to raise public awareness of the harmful overuse of single-use plastic.

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of TAKE OUT PLASTIC

On Friday 1st October we partnered with @spinsumhk and! The Spin Sum event is committed to reducing single-use plastic and our community-wide effort to help reduce single-use plastic in Hong Kong.

Take Out Plastic organised waste to be collected by Baguio and HK Recycles after the event, as well as worked with Spin Sum to reduce plastic used on site. We are really proud of Spin Sum for getting on board and we look forward to reducing plastic at events in the future.

Spin Sum Poster (Instagram Post) (1).jpg

1-on-1 with TAKE OUT PLASTIC

On Thursday we had a really exciting meeting with Deliveroo they have a sustainable packaging project in the pipeline with plans to launch by the end of the year. The team was extremely receptive to our ideas AND are even going to implement some into their sustainable pilot project!!! They were really driven by #takeoutplatic and knowing that there is a growing movement of people that will support businesses that make the change to eco-packaging.

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